Executive Solutions

Join our top-tier consultation in providing firearm training, and CCW training right at your home with private lessons.

What Executive Solutions offers

1 Hour Consultation

Meet with our dedicated trainer through 1 hour consulation to figure out the best plan that works for you.

Multiple Time Slots

You are able to request time slots of training between 5, 10. 20, and 30 hours offered.

Your Very Own Trainer

Think of your trainer as your assistant, they will meet with you 1 on 1, go to the range together, assist you in picking firearms and more.

1 on 1 private classes

With our executive solutions category, we are able to provide private 1 on 1 in-home classes for all of your training.

man shooting at target range, executive solutions
man shooting a shotgun

From at-home to the range

Our dedicated trainers are here to assist you in all aspects from choosing the right firearm, to an in-home consultation, helping you at the range and more. We strive to teach with the best measures that leave you at the end confident and knowledagbe knowing how to protect yourself.


View our most recent testimonials and see how we have helped our past customers become safer and more confident.

"Preston's impressive love for coaching and instructing shines through in his ability to cater to students of all levels, from beginners to experienced shooters. His dedication to the industry and passion for helping people succeed is truly inspiring."
Christopher E
“Preston is an excellent marksman, and instructor. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he has helped me vastly improve my shooting skills, and I continue to get better. I look forward to future training with Preston, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to be more proficient with a firearm!”
Adam D
"Preston is very well-spoken, patriotic, intelligent, and patient with his teaching skills. He gives you a very realistic approach to his lesson, whether it be a “don’t engage and survive” lesson or a life/death scenario where your skills to survive matter every split second. I really enjoy his spirit and his outlook on our rights as human beings. 10/10"
Alen D

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